The Power Of Volunteerism


By definition, volunteerism is “the act of giving service to people and to communities.” Simply put, volunteerism is helping others – be it entertaining children in orphan homes or assisting elders in pension houses. You can volunteer by raking leaves on the streets, as well as distributing sandwiches for the homeless. You can also volunteer by going overseas, where you can spend time and make effort for both individuals and communities living in distant places.

Now, some of you might ask: “What’s the catch?”

If you’re still wondering how volunteering changes your life – most especially, for the better – let me share with you the power of volunteerism:

It makes everything worthwhile.

Let’s face it.

Most of us either get tired easily or get bored easily when doing something we’re not truly passionate about. But you know what? Whether or not it’s you passion to help others, you will never feel tired or feel bored when you volunteer. This is because of the act itself – an act where you can see the kind of happiness you can give to others, as well as experience the kind of joy others can share to you.

Here’s another example.

Let’s say, you’re assigned by your college professor to make a research on social workers. Now, you might be the kind of person who only cares about high grades. But you know what? Seeing and experiencing how social workers dedicate their lives in helping other people will change that. Going to a concert is better? Well, you’ll just have to see and to experience – the contentment of being someplace where you can help others, along with the help of others.

Still not convinced?

You might be feeling down lately. It’s time for a dose of fresh air – and yes, by volunteering. No matter what you’re going through, the happiness seen by you and experienced by others will definitely make up for it. What’s more, there are easy ways to get volunteer hours and easy ways to volunteer – no excuses, no matter what happens!

Indeed, the power of volunteerism will change your life – for the better.

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