The Baker-Volunteer in You: Baking Intensified


Let the delectable bread rise. Let’s go baking! Check out for bake sale recipes and practice baking as it goes to the highest level. Choose the best bread maker and bring out the baker-volunteer in you. It’s fulfilling and highly rewarding. You will be on cloud 9 if you know that people are happy because of you. It is priceless.  It’s a great happiness that not a single penny can buy.  Your kindness radiates from your baking expertise.

Turn your baking expertise into a charitable work. Bake for a cause and make a difference. Your simple baking past time could turn into a heartwarming and meaningful activity. Look for a wonderful charity that organized a bake sale as a fund raising activity. You may not be recognized worldwide, but making others happy because of your real efforts and pure intentions may give you that fame that only the hearts know.


Let your baking skills speak the spirit of kindness. As we celebrate the spirit of Christmas, let’s not forget to share what we have for it’s always better to give than to receive.  Baking is sharing the love and spreading kindness. It is about sharing the sweet fruits of your efforts. It is pretty and simple. All you have to do is to feel the different needs of people and learn to empathize. From there, perhaps you deeply understand what the people in charity homes need.

Aside from some meaningful material things, the needy need more than those.  They need to know that they are loved and cared for.  Your simple baking at home can really make a difference. It’s not just the measuring and mixing of the ingredients but it’s something of deeper value.

A baker-volunteer should not expect anything in return.  Help raise money for the needy.  It is an altruistic move. Your help matters.  Your baked cookies, brownies, cupcakes,muffins, delicious bread bring total happiness to the less privileged people. You are sharing your baking expertise to where help is needed the most.  Joining in a charity bake sale is worth sharing. It creates a positive impact on the lives of those people.

Watch this video and learn some delightful tips for a successful bake sale. 

Be a dedicated volunteer-baker.  Don’t do it because others are doing it and that you want to belong. Do it because you care.  Baking offers great opportunities to make a difference as a volunteer. It’s not for wealth, it’s not for fame.  What is it for?  The baker-volunteer in you comes out because of love!

Bake the love, bake happiness. Pursue your baking interests and connect with others.  Be involved and bake the world for the love!

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