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How to Begin Your Volunteering Journey

Volunteering is like biscuit joining, you remove the gap between you and the people you’re trying to help, and you join forces to improve one another’s lives. In volunteering, you’ll learn the lives of other people and aim to better their current situation or way of living. The act itself makes you feel like you’ve already received something in return.As you know, it’s not easy to volunteer, but the sense of fulfillment is beyond description.

To help you start, here are five steps.

  1. Decide the type of volunteer opportunity you wish to be part of. Consider your interests, skills, talents, and time. Think about what you’re good at or what you want to achieve in volunteering. Below are some guide questions to ask yourself. They’ll help you determine which kind of volunteering you want.
  • Do I want to volunteer using my head/brains or my hands/body?
  • Am I aiming for a particular activity, like home improvement?
  • Do I want to volunteer for the young or the old?
  • Where should I volunteer?
  • How much time can I spend?
  • Do I have a special talent or skill I can offer?

  1. Search for non-profit organizations on the internet. You could also contact your local government and inquire about such organizations that provide volunteer opportunities.
  2. Choose three volunteer opportunities. After browsing the internet, list down your top 3 choices and contact these organizations. Take note of the requirements for the position you’re aiming for. You might need to send your resume via email or attend an interview, so be prepared too. Most of the time, they’ll also require a police clearance.
  3. Select which volunteer work you should do first. You probably can’t do all volunteer helping community donation servicesthree volunteer works at the same time, so decide which one you should do first. Consider the location, your availability, and the dates of the volunteer work.
  4. Start volunteering! This generous act is addicting, but don’t worry; it’s the good kind of addiction. Begin making a difference today!