Rowing for Fitness Treat- Rowing Machines on the Rise!

rowing machines

“A great stroke is mostly a fighter and racer; someone who loves going into battle and always things that he can win. Attributes: Unshakable confidence in himself. Always tries to win no matter what the circumstances or the activity. An iron will” — John Pescatore

The rise of the rowing machines ultimately brings out the best rower in you. –A ROWER WITH UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE THAT WILL MAKE HIS WAY TO THE FINISH LINE! Well, it all started with a rowing machine!

The Erg Challenge- a Great Treat!

Give yourself a full-body workout. It’s a kind of fitness treat that you will never regret trying. An indoor rowing machine can do you a great deal in your fitness world.  Your exercise regime will be worthwhile with an erg. It’s an overall workout. It does wonders physically and mentally. Check our best rowing machine for the money and see how optimistic you can become once you’ve chosen the most reliable rowing machine.  Your budget restrictions won’t stop you from giving yourself one of the most efficient total body cardio workout ever known in the world of fitness.

rowing machines

Lift Up Your Life

The Rise of the Rowing Machines! The big thing in fitness has come to transform our bodies into its most pleasing form. A rowing machine is an excellent fitness tool. Impressively, it is a strength-building and a cardio machine.

As you decide to go for the row, you are actually adding years to your existence. Indoor rowers offer a full-body exercise that keeps our hearts elevated. It engages all major muscle groups in the body. It is about the shoulders, abdominal muscles, the back, the core and the legs! It is also a great exercise for the hands and arms as it involves backward and forward motions. Each rowing stroke engages the legs and the hips which highly take charge of the rowing schemes. It uses the entire body. For effective results, get yourself acquainted with the proper techniques of using the machine and of the rowing strokes.  When full mastery is already acquired and learned then you are ready to set yourself for the amazing row.

Set-Up the Basics

Any fitness equipment no matter how expensive and effective would be fruitless if used improperly. Hence, it is of utmost importance to know the basics of the rowing machine. It’s the only way out. It’s one of the best remedies for keeping your body in good shape , in losing weight and in achieving your fitness goals.

Set the Damper Setting

For beginners, it is highly recommended that the damper setting is anywhere from 4 to 6. The higher the setting, the harder you will work.  On the other hand, the lower the damper setting, the lighter will be the work.  The damper setting is located on the right side of the circular flywheel.  It is a plastic lever which is designed to control the air in the flywheel.

Check the Foot Straps

 Your feet and legs are highly involved in the rowing, hence it is necessary to adjust the foot straps accordingly. Improper positioning of the strap will lead you to inefficient strokes. Make adjustments to the stretcher whenever necessary. Following this will keep you away from an unwelcome leg injury.

Rowing has been known as one of the most efficient workouts for health enthusiasts and athletes.  It delivers true full-body workout. Competitive rowers opt to have their training with indoor rowing machines. Every stroke lets you accomplish something. It works on your form and posture, too. Hop on and give your first try for forever rowing.

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