The Pros and Cons of Online Games

We already know that online game has rapidly increased and the people subscribing those games has gradually increased in number as well , leaving the thought of doubt of most people today. Is it okay to have these games kept tolerated in today’s generation or should we put an end to this ? Well, of course, if given the opportunity to answer , I will fight for online games until the end; however, to be fair with you all, let me give you a quick view on the positive and negative side of online gaming. Here are as follows:


Here are some disadvantages of having online games in today’s generation:

#1- Negligence of other work due to addiction


Most of the online gamers forget that they also have other responsibility aside from wasting their time in front of their computers. I honestly admit I made the same mistake with all other online gamers.

#2 – Online gaming waste a lot of time and money


For those who don’t have their own internet connection, they spend a lot of money and time in a cyber cafe just to play online games. I have been in the same situation either.

#3 – Online gaming has a long time exposure to radiation making it bad for your health ,specifically, in your vision.


It is absolutely true that due to too much exposure to computers, I see a blurry vision sometimes and sometimes to headaches. This statement has also been supported by many researchers.


Now, too much for its advantages. Let’s come to the advantages of online games. Here are as follows :

#1 – Online Gamers has higher concentration skills

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As a player, I can justify to this claim. When I am playing, I really tend to focus on the game and I never care what goes around me. I am concentrated on what I am doing and I am focused on winning every game. It has somehow developed my concentration skills and I was even able to use this skill in all other areas like studying and reading great stuff.

#2 – Individual who played online games shows efficiency and effectivity in the workplace


I have read these study and found it true. As a player, part of our training to win battles online is to be effective and efficient in dealing the situation in every game accompanied with right concentration to defeat the opponent. I am assured that once an individual became an online gamer, he/she will develop this characters.

#3 – It drives them to be more goal oriented


As an online gamer, I am bound to the success of the game. This kind of gaming spirit has drived me to win in every battle and somehow has trained me to become goal-oriented minded individual.

You already have read some of the Pros and Cons of Online Game. For those legit online gamers, now you know. For all parents who are still in doubt, well, it’s up to you and for all individuals who still planned to be labeled as online gamer, weigh things out. But as an online gamer, let me give you my share of thought. Online game can be both good and bad, it still depends on you on how well will you deal the two.