Top Five Favorite Online Games

The online game has rapidly evolved over the century. It has undeniably dominated today’s generation. Today, over a thousand online games keeps on rising and is being played majority by teens. It has been a dilemma on what online game is the best online game among them all. As a player , an addictive online gamer , I have my own share of views with regards to the best online games ever existed today. Here are my top 5 favorite online games in the 20th century:

#1 – World of Warcraft

What I love about this game is that it has followed a story. It doesn’t just play a game , it plays a story itself. It is an enormous multiplayer online role-playing game.  It has extremely exciting and challenging mission. It has been played over millions of online gamers around the world.

#2 – Defense of the Ancient (DOTA )

DOTA was my all time favorite game. It’s a team match where we have to defend your tower and defeat our opponent by defeating theirs. Above is the video on how to play this game.

#3 – Counterstrike – Global Offensive


Another game I really loved playing to is counterstrike. This has been played over a thousand players around the world.  The aim of the game is to shoot as many armed evil guys as you can. I love this game because it makes me feel like a very profiled shooter of today. Above video shows how does this game being played


#4 – League of the Legend

As a competitive online gamer, this game has never failed to amaze me. The League of the Legend is a game that encourages strong competition, a fight with honor, and lead you to an amazing online game experience. This thing has made me love the game even more. It has ignited my competitive spirit into an honorable fight and has driven me to give my opponent their well-deserved defeat.  The above video shows how to play the game.


#5 – Diablo III

Like most of the online games that existed , this game has given me the opportunity to become someone I wanted to be. In games, I become a hero on my own. The main goal of the game is to defeat the Lord of Terror, Diablo. In the above video, it shows how the game is being played.


Above all, everyone has its own list of favorite online games, but as for me, these are the sets I considered the best online games that do exist in today’s generation. What’s yours?


Why Love Online Games?

Online games are one of the most considered destruction of the children in the guardian’s perspective, the best foes of the partners in a relationship, and the best friend of all online players. I have been a legit online gamer way back when I was a kid and I admit I have been addicted to it, however; like most of the in love individual, I got fall for it in a way I see it. Here are five reasons why I can’t help myself but fall in love with online games all over again:

#1 – It serves as my means to escape reality


As a student, school works really gives me a headache. Add to that are the various problems, issues, and situations that I randomly faced. In playing online games, I get myself an excuse over this realities and give myself a good break.

#2 – It gives me too much entertainment


Online games have never failed to amaze me ever since. I always get amused with every level of the game and get interested with a new set of games that arises. It has given me too much entertainment that not even a trip to Disney Land could fulfill the satisfaction.

#3 –  It gives me the spirit of competition


One of the best reasons why I can’t let go of online gaming is the spirit of competition you get out of it. It drives me, even more, to get close to the game and give my opponent a well – deserved defeat. When everything goes well as planned, I tremendously enjoying the game. However, if it goes the other way, I get to challenge my opponent to a rematch. I never love defeat. I’ll take victory in the best ways I can.

#4 –  I make money out of it


Like the players above, I also experience making money out of playing online games. I also go to the online game competition and somehow win like I always aimed for.

#5 – I get to meet either a friend or a foe


The nature of all games both online and offline remains the same – – -defeat your opponent to win the battle. In the online games, you get to meet people whom you might consider an ally or a friend and a competitor or enemy. I love meeting this kind of individuals because I get to know better the human race and its different outlook even just by playing online games.

I have the same share with its negative and positive sides of online games but I still love it in its good and its bad. No matter what happen , I will always be an online gamer.